Child Sexual Abuse
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Stopping Child Sexual Abuse In Ohio

Every year in Ohio, over 30,000 children are involved in a substantiated case of child abuse or neglect; of these, just 5,000 are related to sexual abuse specifically (source: Ohio Family Violence Prevention Project).  5,000 children suffering sexual abuse is too many, but the reality is that there are far more who are suffering this devastating crime. Only 38% of child victims of sexual abuse tell someone about the abuse. It is a crime that exists in silence, but it is a crime that we can – and must – stop together.

The Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence is dedicated to advocating for policies and supportive services that keep children safe, help those who have been victimized to heal, and hold offenders accountable. We approach our work on this issue from the basis of these facts:

  • Children are never to blame for sexual abuse and are not responsible for stopping or preventing it. It’s the responsibility of every adult.
  • The vast majority of child victims of sexual abuse are victimized by someone they know, not a stranger.
  • Children deserve to be believed when they disclose abuse, and they should have access to services that will support their healing and protect them from future harm.
  • There are many adults living in Ohio who were sexually abused as children. They also deserve to be believed and to have access to supportive services.
  • Adults who sexually victimize a child should be held criminally accountable to the fullest extent of the law, both to secure justice for the child who has been harmed, and to protect other children and society at large.

Children are sexually abused in every community in Ohio, and survivors of all ages deserve our advocacy and support. In 2015, OAESV filmed two adult survivors of child sexual abuse, who remind us that while sexual abuse impacts the lives of survivors and families, it can also be overcome if support is available:


Below you will find links to useful information and resources to better understand child sexual abuse and how to stop it. To suggest additional resources, or for more information, please contact Becky Perkins at

Statistics, Factsheets, & Research

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Responding to Child Sexual Abuse

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Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

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Underserved Populations

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OAESV Faith-Based Resources

Safety Planning with Faith-Based Communities


Laws & Policies

Ohio Statutes Regarding Child Abuse & Neglect

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Ohio House Bill 85 (“Erin’s Law”)

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For Advocates, Prevention Specialists & Allied Professionals

Proven & Promising Programs

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For Parents & Families

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For Educators & Child Care Workers

Ohio School Safety Plans, Policies & Training

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Additional Resources

Additional information and resources are available from these organizations: