Law Enforcement
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Collaborating with Law Enforcement, Improving Survivor Response

OAESV works with law enforcement officials in communities across Ohio to improve the response to sexual assault, help protect communities, and help to hold offenders accountable. If you are a law enforcement official who is interested in training or technical assistance related to trauma, response, or SARTs, please contact our SART Project Coordinator.

Resources for Law Enforcement


Presence of Victim Advocate During Sexual Assault Exam: Summary of State Laws

Crime Victim Law Update 2012 Year in Review

Legal Definitions Fact Sheet

Ohio Age of Consent Fact Sheet

Violent Crime Against Youth, 1994-2010

Crime Against Persons with Disabilities, 2009-2011



Survivor Rights & Resources Fact Sheet

Fundamentals of Victims’ Rights: A Summary of 12 Common Victims’ Rights

Police Interviews of Sexual Assault Reports – Do Attitudes Matter

Training Bulletin: Recording Victim Interviews

Multidisciplinary Response to Crime Victims with Disabilities

National Institute of Justice Webinar: The Neurobiology of Sexual Assault

National Survey of Service Providers on Police Response to Immigrant Crime Victims, U Visa Certification and Language Access from the National Immigrant Women’s Advocacy Project



Routine Strip-Searches Upheld for Intake into Jail’s General Population

Center for Sex Offender Management



Training Bulletin: New Option Available for GHB Testing

Untested Evidence in Sexual Assault Cases: Using Research to Guide Policy and Practice

NIJ Seminar Series: Research for the Real World

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

Sexual Assault Training & Investigations

Security Clearance Guidance