Stand Up
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Stand Up to Sexual Violence

In response to the high-profile sexual assault case in Steubenville in 2013, as well as countless incidents of sexual violence like it across Ohio and elsewhere, OAESV created the STAND UP video and discussion guide. Focused on the importance of bystander intervention, these resources are intended for use by rape crisis programs in engaging their communities in thoughtful dialogue and skill-building to prevent sexual violence before it starts and to intervene when violence may be occurring.

Stand Up Materials

The following materials can be downloaded and reproduced for use in your community:

Stand Up Brochure & Discussion Guide

Stand Up PowerPoint in PDF

Stand Up PowerPoint in PPTX

Stand Up Video

Promotional Photo of Brochure

Promotional Photo of Video

Stand Up Sticker Sheet

For additional information about the STAND UP Resources, please contact our Prevention Coordinator.