Survivor Stories
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Empowerment, Hope & Healing

There are hundreds of thousands of survivors of sexual violence in Ohio, eleven of whom share their stories below.  If you are a survivor, know that we believe you, it’s not your fault, and help is available.  Allow the stories of these brave survivors to remind you that you are also brave, you are stronger than you know, and healing is possible.  You are part of a community of survivors and advocates across Ohio who support you and believe in you.


"We are powerful. We are strong. We are survivors. That's a wonderful, wonderful title." Watch Beverly's story HERE.


"Although you might be afraid to share, although that's the hardest part, it's the most important to healing." Watch Debra's story HERE.


"I choose to share so other people know they are not alone." Watch Rhonda's story HERE.


"It makes you stronger when you reach out to others and when you share your struggles with them." Watch Garth's story HERE.


"It's okay to speak out and it's okay to know that it's not your fault." Watch Holly's story HERE.


"I'm not letting it control me. I have a voice. I am worthy." Watch Scott's story HERE.


"I feel free... I was once afraid to speak out and now here I am. I can be heard." Watch Belinda's story HERE.


"Maybe we can stop sexual assault and maybe we can change the system." Watch Stephanie's story HERE.


"I stayed silent long enough. It felt safe to just be able to say it all and actually just be believed." Watch Jenny's story HERE.


"Male survivors are actually some of the most courageous men on the planet." Watch Howard's story HERE.


"There is help. We're willing to listen. We want to listen. We want to hear your story." Watch Adrienne's story HERE.