Engaging Men and Boys
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style="padding: 0px; margin: 0px 0px 1.5em;">One key element in sexual violence prevention is the involvement of men in violence prevention efforts.  To truly end sexual violence, our work must focus on stopping the perpetration of sexual violence instead of traditional methods that focus solely on women and girls.  Below is more information along with a list of organizations that work with men, to assist with local efforts in engaging men.

Documents for Male Allies

Why Men Should Care About Sexual Violence

10 Things Men Can Do to Promote Gender Equality

MenEngage Men's Accountability 

Male Attitudes Regarding Domestic and Sexual Violence Survey Data Report from the Vermont Network Against Domestic & Sexual Violence


Ohio Specific Resources for Engaging Men

Ohio Men’s Action Network (OH MAN)


Engaging Men Focused Organizations

A Call To Men

Coaching Boys into Men

Men Stopping Violence

Beyond Beats and Rhymes – Violence Against Women in Hip Hop

Center For Family Policy and Practice

Robert Jensen PhD: A leading activist against pornography, sexual exploitation and the objectification of women

Men’s Resource Center For Change
Rob Okun – Editor: RAOkun@mrcforchange.org

MensWork: Eliminating Violence Against Women