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Resources for Attorneys Working with Survivors

OAESV is committed to working with attorneys to improve the experiences of survivors in the criminal justice and civil legal systems, and to holding offenders accountable. For assistance, resources, training, or technical assistance for attorneys, please contact OAESV's Staff Attorney.


Presence of Victim Advocate During Sexual Assault Exam: Summary of State Laws

Legal Definitions Fact Sheet

Ohio Age of Consent Fact Sheet

U & T Visa Fact Sheet

Crawford and Its’ Progeny

Forfeiture by Wrongdoing

National Survey of Criminal Statutes of Limitations for Felony Child Sexual Abuse Charges (2012)

Summary of Laws and Guidelines: Payment of Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Examinations

Routine Strip-Searches Upheld for Intake into Jail’s General Population


Fundamentals of Victims’ Rights: A Summary of 12 Common Victims’ Rights

Training Bulletin: Recording Victim Interviews

National Institute of Justice Webinar: The Neurobiology of Sexual Assault

National Survey of Service Providers on Police Response to Immigrant Crime Victims, U Visa Certification and Language Access from the National Immigrant Women’s Advocacy Project


From Aequitas: Walking a Tightrope: Balancing Victim Privacy and Offender Accountability in Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prosecutions, Parts I & II

NIJ Seminar Series: Research for the Real World

10 Strategies for Prosecuting Child Sexual Abuse at the Hands of a Family Member

Judges Tell: What I Wish I Had Known Before I Presided in an Adult Victim Sexual Assault Case

Islamic Marriage Contracts: A Resource Guide for Legal Professionals, Advocates, Imams & Communities

Prosecuting Cases of Sexual Abuse in Confinement


AEquitas: The Prosecutors’ Resource on Violence Against Women

Legal Momentum: The Women’s Legal Defense and Education Fund

Legal Resource Center on Violence Against Women